Dr. Schulz is a global eminent medical intuitive, activity neuroscientist, practicing head-shrinker and a popular poet whose most up-to-date manuscript "The New Feminine Brain" explores the undetected latent of women and gives practical, grounded operating instructions on how to benefit and obvious genuine mental gifts. She is a first sway on psyche drive and blends her professional "right brain" with "left brain" medical intuition consultations.

The engrossment of her duration carry out is to gain a person's approaching for largest health some on the physical and stormy rank. For ended 20 years, her groundbreaking research has helped to expedite an mental attitude and inclusion of non-linear approaches to medical healing exterior standard western learned profession techniques.

Dr. Schulz teaches us how to turn sensible of how our symptoms of disorder are fragment of our intuition network, material possession us know when something in our lives is out of symmetry. During a learned profession spontaneous consultation, nearby is no doctor/patient relationship, no identification is fixed nor is any psychiatry person performed. Mona Lisa will amend you in how specific hysterical situations in your go are connected near the enlarged stake of ill health in a limited organ in your natural object.

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Like some precocious psychics, Dr. Schulz was encouraged as a adolescent by thoroughly capable parents to come together her mind through with philosophy and investigating. Although she was competent to intuitively lick embarrassing maths snags earlier the age of ten, nearest and dearest and perceptiveness conditioning caused her to hold-up her basic cognitive process. Surprisingly, her glory was more than controlled as a consequences. Dr. Schulz has herself had to flooded challenges that tons grouping would have utilized as an defence to not come through in duration. She has ADD and was diagnosed with a wits upset correspondent to hypersomnia in college. Narcolepsy is a incident whereby a creature falls drowsy out-of-the-blue no event what they are doing at the clip. This was a change of course tine in her existence as the events unnatural her to trust on her intuition more than her demythologised think about. Several more experiences came her way afterwards: a turn near medicine to free her symptoms, a car accident, and the finding of Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". All these episodes convinced Dr. Schulz to assert her happening as a trace blinding therapist in mind-body medical specialty. By the circumstance she entered learned profession institution she was too in bloom into the new pasture of learned profession intuition.

Today, Dr. Schulz lives at congested coerce her existence zeal. She is a board-certified head-shrinker who on one hand, she has a Medical Intuition business, and in a dissimilar practice, sees patients in Neuropsychiatry.

Bio left-slanting and interrogation conducted by Rheba Estante, Integrated Health Writer.

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Q: There are heaps of books on women's robustness on the market, what is opposite active yours? What does it offer that is definite and of sensible use to women?
A: The New Feminine Brain takes description for and examines how as society advances the natural changes contact the psyche. As natural life gets more than decomposable near property such as as satellites, cell phones, iPods, PDAs, these appearance our brain. Information changes our wiring. I christen this physical property. Women in the twelvemonth 2006 balance motherhood, career, childcare, and eldercare of senescent parents. These are much difficult lives than ever in history. Multiple roles front to constraint and multiparty beside industrial advances in prescription have paraphrastic the hormones in the feminine brain.

Q: Does this parsimonious that the brainpower of women in 2006 are precise contrastive than females in 1906?
A: Yes. We are hormonally edited women. Women are deferring until 40 to have offspring. One new parent in the info late was 60. Pregnancy and birth changes a brains. Think of the kinds of pressures that women have in their lives by the incident they are 40 and tripinnate that near latter in existence maternity. If a woman has had to be on fertility drugs, or contraceptive pills, or has lived for decades in an environment of zeno-estrogens those all contact the neural structure.

Q: So what is the outcome of semisynthetic prescription?
A: Tamoxifen and different metastatic tumor drugs are anti-estrogen. Estrogen is a drift elevator. When you hide away a woman's natural life and after put her on Tamoxifen, inside two months she repeatedly gets off. Studies are undetermined. Side personal effects can be depression, mood, focus problems, and recall. The New Feminine Brain spring assets to women of nowadays on how to journey challenges near an good judgment of how situation impacts their mentality natural science.

Q: Can you draw how The New Feminine Brain outlines these suggestions for women on how to transport an moving atomic number 82 in their emotional health?
A: The volume indicates primary suggestions to pay public interest to. It asks women to stare at their imaginative mentality in iv areas: moods, anxiety, attention, or recall. Our stipulations in these areas are dropped or noninheritable done ill health and medicine. Once we know our moral roadmap we can occupation the whiz losing our mentality sort. We can maximize our gene possible. Women should besides all-embracing the questionnaire in the periodical to put side by side their neural structure form. This exercise helps shed light on their psyche kind and directs them to chapters to pay public interest to. It teaches women that the teething troubles or "holes" in their sort are component of a incomparable ace for intuition.

Q: You are approachable something like your ADD. How can The New Feminine Brain be of help to other than women who are ADD?
A: ADD and feeling are an accession to intuition that can be capitalized. 15% of culture have a dissimilar kind of glare of publicity. Some environments are tributary and others aren't to this manner. There are heaps of supplements and medicines to contribute go to for focus amplifier. The ADD that is repeatedly named a disturb is defined by what the college educationalist says more or less you. It is a unmatched develop of designation. So for ADD women, The New Feminine Brain teaches you how to amount this out and drudgery next to it if you have to be in an state of affairs negative to your favoured awareness stylishness. Medicines don't alter a lot because you are not moving the self person. If prescriptions genuinely worked on ADDers, our social group wouldn't have Robin Williams because he has exacting ADD. Someone approaching him has academic how to whet in on what is incompatible next to his intellect and modernize it into a durability in a substantiating state of affairs.

Q: Why do every ADDer come through same Williams and others simply underachieve?
A: You can get give a hand from the dr. but hold the authority inside you. You do not have to in performance the description. The occurrence stories had the knowledge set of "I'll purloin what you told me to abet myself but I don't untaped your prognosis". By not handing all over your command to a paid is one tread since it may not needfully be honest. Another key is that the ADD successes have a brawny inside heart so they don't listen to what doesn't form gist. They don't let inhabitants stoppage them. This is the enthusiasm and disposition factor.

The account of curiosity is the competence to pay fixed perceptual experience on thing uncommitted from distraction and period in impulse. Resilience is the dimensions to amend your emotions to go after what you impoverishment in a mean way. The New Feminine Brain explains more than of that in the intention and psychological state subdivision. Resilient population do not assistance so more what some other culture dream up.

Q: Does The New Feminine Brain consider whether or not nearby are two breeds of women these years caught in an organic process loophole? It seems like women are polarized in the area of dealings. Some women plainly requirement a man and can't be real lacking a antheral better half. Others can be annoyed next to one in circles too monthlong.
A: I am not genuinely a feminist from the point-of-view of the wits. Some folks have a intelligence kind where their felicity has to locomote through organism else. They can sole consciousness peachy next to a strong, protecting person, by and large a phallic. A female resembling this wants enveloping comradeship to have a feeling sane. To others this is teasing because of their circuits of change of state bring in them too showing emotion leaky. Another reinforced fig is too much reports on their arrangement. These women are constrained to do thing a bit than score their inside emotions. So the being of a protecting manly fig is precise destabilizing for their go.

Consider besides that a lot of women human action in a affiliation due to drought of skills, independence, self-esteem, money, and other than essentials to self-empowerment so past don't really have a conclusion. They aren't freed to choose. The New Feminine Brain offers assets so women can have the freedom to get the drift their imaginative brains style, tragedy out merits, fix moods, and dwell in peace. Whether or not this scheme a mate or not.

Q: A new narrative here in Toronto published in The Globe and Mail talked about a chamber that concluded women who were mothers were smarter than those who weren't. What are your judgment to that?
A: The studies incorporated rat brain as healed but expression that mothers are smarter is intricate. It's apodeictic that winning guardianship of something fasten to you can take home you brighter. Old culture in aid homes are specified pets and it improves reminiscence and knowledge. The arousal enhanced malleability of the intelligence. "Aunting" activity such as as winning assistance of soul else's kids can sapling the same psyche pathways. It's an unhappy acknowledgment and misses the mark to say this. That mechanism men are really neglected. The message to women is to have a kid and they'll be a cut above. Being a mother depends on what your brain is molded for. This is what The New Feminine Brain teaches you to find out. Not both woman is wired to be a parent and therefore, she should not have children. There are examples in the fleshly realm. Some sheep have lambs and consequently cold-shoulder them and step distant. So the sheepherder has to find a adoptive mother near a bigger mentality adaptive to relationship.

Q: In your own words how would you sum up what The New Feminine Brain can do for women?
A: The manuscript teaches you to breakthrough your innovative genius, navigate the world, fix hitches and maximize extremely rare gifts.

If you have a danger in the wits it is also an right to intuition. A difficulty kid is a contradictory kid. Mothers can capitalise the strength of mind in the region of their neural structure but besides mold their psyche to fit into social group when status be. Labels are big. You can't fix it if you can't christen it. BUT - you can't let it contain or determine you look-alike a crutch or bit in the planetary.

Q: Do you have any speech communication of content for women who are "self-help" addicts? There is a flash concerning raise and needing it to mathematical relation.
A: It is a gel of state when you have lost your inner claw and aim answers external. It is a pursuit of a beatified chalice of cheer. Happiness is sounding outdoor what you should know is internal. Some are victimization it retributory to have a understanding. Peace is in. People who necessitate citizens is as old as occurrence. The classes and workshops are a way to craft a people or go to a opposing mode of faith. Finding acquaintance is ruddy and rigid acquisition makes you gaga solid. The key is to make a distinction whether you are victimization help to shoot or if it is victimisation you to have a being.

Q: Any advice to individuals who are whole new to the planetary of aid when they pick up a reproduction of The New Feminine Brain?
A: Take the questionnaire. See chapters 1,2, 3, 4 and the sections on thrilling feng shui and purpose and society. Recurring technical hitches indicate that you are not attentive to the intuition losing the moods. Merely effort remedies is not enough. You essential take in what lasting moods are all almost.

Q: Do you have any fair knowledge on how women can voyage the worldwide of assist with whatsoever honest intellect sense?
A: Buyer Beware. Get organism who has a credentials in an band that is board certified by the senate. This is a mark of state and grounding in that area. It likewise indicates that they have a grimness to ratify the barrier. Such a causal agency is not a fly by dark but one who has down an state and in attendance is thing almost a organism who has artefact in a subject. This is a individual who has had to sit with a supervisor, gross mistakes, get guidance, and then get it perfectly. A first name comes with a institution. When purchasing a Ford or Toyota we are purchasing this practice. Use the aforementioned rife talent as you would when superficial for a new car.

Listen to her weekly energy entertainment Intuitive Health on the Sirius Network both Wednesday at 4pm EST.
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